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Westview Lodge - Our Staff


Our staff is what makes Westview Lodge special.


Westview Lodge is managed by matron Maureen Wilson.

Here’s a little background on Maureen. Maureen commenced nursing in 1968. Her experience was obtained mainly through working in hospitals and clinics. In the last few years, her assignments included working for a retirement home with 80 beds located in Durban, a large retirement village in Potchesfstroom and one located in Parktown.


Maureen is knowledgeable, confident and communicative but most importantly she is warm and caring towards our residents. Maureen is assisted by a number of equally dedicated and experienced sisters and nurses.


You will, no doubt, meet them all, but here are some of them:

Sr Caroline

Sr Rebecca
Sr Thandi (joined in Jan 1998)
 Sr Louise (joined in Jan 2002)
Jeanette (joined in Mar 1997)
Beauty (joined in Feb 2002)
Ester (joined in Jul 2002)
Rebecca (joined in Feb 2004)
Constance (joined in Sept 2004)
Joannah (joined in Feb 2008)
Persinah(joined in March 2008)
Lillian (joined in Feb 2008)
Rose (joined in Feb 2008)
Brenda (joined in Feb 2008)
Hellen (joined in Jan 2008)
Precious (joined in Oct 2007) and Paulina (joined in Feb 2008) are in charge of the kitchen and will be assisting in serving all meals. Our gardener, Maclean (joined in Jan 1998), comes on Tuesdays.



At Westview we practice “pro-active nursing”. This means that we do all we can to prevent illnesses or accidents from happening. We achieve this by monitoring closely the condition of all of our residents. Some of the things we do are regular urine and blood sugar testing, graphing of vital signs, progress reporting, accident prevention report, a yearly mobility and general condition assessment, mobility programs, day-to-day orientation, flu vaccinations…..  Here at Westview Lodge we pride ourselves on our high nursing standards. Firstly, we have high criteria for the employment of any new employee. Secondly, we have refused to subcontract to outside companies the nursing and cleaning of our nursing home; all our staff members are employed by us. The recently popular trend of subcontracting vital areas of a business such as nursing is not conducive, in our opinion, to creating a team spirit and to providing personalised and quality care.